HOA Fences
All new fences, whether replacing an existing fence or building a new fence, need to be pre-approved by the HOA prior to installation.
We have standardized on a fence style and color for the neighborhood, called Modified Panel, or Mod-Panel. We are requiring all new fences to be this style.
The preferred fence vendor is Town & Country Fence. They are familiar with what style and the process for building modified panel fences for residents of The Woods at Issaquah.  If you don't use Town & Country, you'll need to provide specific details on the style of the fence.  See the process below for requesting approval.
Location Restrictions
  1. Fences are not allowed to come forward past the front of the house, regardless of the lot orientation.
  2. Fences must have a minimum of 3ft setback from a sidewalk, path or road.
  3. Fences are allowed to be directly on your side or back property lines, as long as it isn't against a street. 
  4. The homeowner is still required to maintain the landscaping between their fence and the sidewalk, path or street

Construction Requirements
  1. Modified Panel style
  2. Panel boards are 1 X 4 and made of #1, tight-knot cedar.
  3. The posts are 4 1/8” x 4 1/8” pressure-treated wood.
  4. Finished side of fence must face outwards toward the street.
  5. Recommended: Boards are pre-stained by T&C
Fences along 12th Ave NW or Mt. Olympus Dr. NW
With the goal of a more uniform and attractive exterior fence along 12th Ave NW and Mt Olympus Dr, we have an incentive program to encourage homeowners along those streets to upgrade their fences to our new standard.  The HOA will pay for 1/3 of the cost of the fence portion, excluding any gate, along 12th Ave NW or Mt Olympus Dr if the following conditions are met:
  1. Town & Country builds the fence
  2. Fence design adheres to the above Construction Requirements
  3. Cedar fence boards are pre-stained by Town & Country
Process to get your fence project approved:
  1. Select your fence vendor
  2. If not Town & Country, get specifications that match the Modified Panel style
  3. Get a URL to view the style on the vendor's website, or have a drawing ready to upload
  4. Create a drawing showing the location of the fence on your property, as viewed from above
  5. Submit a Fence request on our Request Manager to start the Paint Approval process
  6. You'll be notified typically within 2-3 days of your approval or rejection, or if more information is needed
  7. Once you get approval, you can start your fence project
  8. If you have to change the design or layout, you need to notify the board before changing.
For any questions, please send an email to our Construction Compliance board member at construction@thewoodshoa.info.