Our roofing covenants are established to ensure consistent roofing materials throughout the neighborhood. These covenants are based on the belief that a permanent commitment to consistent and high quality roofing will help the neighborhood maintain its appeal over time.
While the covenants for The Woods divisions specify cedar shakes, the Board has received consistent feedback from homeowners that alternatives to cedar shakes should be considered.  Additionally, homeowners have agreed that only high-quality composite roofing materials that ideally emulate the consistent cedar-shake color and look should be approved.

The following list of roofing materials have been accepted for installation in the neighborhood. To learn more about these materials - click on the links to visit the manufacturers' web sites.
Approved Roofing Materials, and Web Links
  • The following composite shingles:
Manurfacturer Product Approved Colors
GAF-Elk Timberline Ultra HD Weathered Wood, Shakewood
GAF-Elk Timberline HD Weathered Wood, Shakewood
GAF-Elk Timberline Cool Barkwood, Weathered Wood
CertainTeed Landmark TL Country Gray (Weatherwood), Chestnut (Resawn Shake),
& Aged Bark (Burnt Sienna)
CertainTeed Presidential Shake Country Gray (Weatherwood), Autumn Blend
CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL Country Gray (Weatherwood), Autumn Blend
CertainTeed Solaris Aged Cedar, Dusky Clay, Sunset Shake
Pabco Roofing Products Premier Professional Driftwood, Harvest Brown, Mocha, Pewter Gray, Prairie Wood, Weathered Wood
State Roofing Rubberlast 50 Shingle Black Oak, Aged Cedar

Before installing a new roof, you must submit a request via the Request Manager to the Construction Compliance committee.
The above materials should easily be approved. Other high quality-roofing materials with the color and appearance of new or weathered cedar shakes will also be considered, but the homeowner will have to make a case and and submit to the Construction Compliance committee. If the material is accepted, it will be added to the above list.
For questions, send an email to
To start your roofing project request, submit a ticket via the Request Manager.