Mailbox locks

Around 2001 the Postal Service installed "Cluster Boxes" (photo below) throughout our neighborhood which replaced the original banks of rural mailboxes. Over time, the individual homeowner locks have started to fail.
The first thing to try if your key is sticky, or doesn't want to turn, is to purchase a small tube of graphite lock lubricant from Home Depot or Lowes. The least messy way to use the lubricant is to apply some to the mailbox key. Insert key and gently move back and forth.  Repeat this process two or three times. The lock should then be moving freely. Wipe off excess lubricant.
Suggested graphite lubricant at Home Depot:
If that's doesn't work, then you probably need to replace the lock core.
Options for Replacing Lock:
  • Fill out a form at the Post Office to have a new lock installed. It currently costs $50, and will take 1-2 weeks.
  • If you can still get into your mailbox, you can buy your own lock replacement and install it. See below for lock information.
  • Purchase a lock and coordinate with your mail carrier to have them help install it. You'll need to wait and meet them in person to coordinate.
Replacement Lock Info:
Suggested lock at Home Depot:
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3/4 in. Outside Dimension
Brushed Nickel 5-Cam Mailbox Lock
$8.00 at Home Depot Issaquah
Cluster Box