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Painting (Exterior)

HOA Exterior Color Recommendations

Per the CC&Rs, the choice of exterior paint/stain color schemes for homes in the neighborhood should be in keeping with the general aesthetic of the neighborhood and require the approval of the HOA Board. The Board recognizes that there are many opinions as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and will endeavor to be equitable in the review and approval or rejection of proposed colors.
In order to guide homeowners in choosing colors that are likely to be acceptable, the Board recommends that homeowners choose colors similar to those in the Sherwin Williams exterior color collections “Northern Shores and Seaports”, and “Suburban Traditional”. Each of these color collections has 189 (9 x 3 x 7) color palettes and shades from which to choose. While not every color, shade, or color combination will necessarily be acceptable, these colors are indicative of a color palette the board would approve. The Board does recommend avoiding stark or very bright colors/shades from these collections, as well as high-gloss paints. Homeowners still have the option to submit colors outside of these color recommendations, but the approval process will likely take longer, and will have less chance of being approved.   Homeowners can use any paint brand they choose, it does not need to be Sherwin Williams.
PDFs for each color scheme: