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Ben Stenseng 0
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Contractor (added: 11/2015)
Homeowner comments: He's done several project for us, and all have been done very well. And ladies, he cleans up after himself, he's a "neatnick".
The Creative Craftsmen LLC 0
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Homeowner's remarks:
We most often communicate with Aaron, though both guys are great. They did a great job last year repairing our deck, replacing railings, re-doing the steps, etc. Also, we just had them remove and replace our front door system and add an Andersen storm door. They do extensive interior work as well which a friend of ours was very happy with, though we’ve not had them do that at our house yet. They are quiet, unassuming, hard-working, and honest. Once they start a job they keep at it until they are done. Most important thing about a contractor after “doing it right” is “showing up,” and they do both. ;)