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When the “Manabloc” water control unit in our laundry room started leaking, we found only one plumber who would touch it. I assume all homes built in Morgan’s Ridge have this Manabloc water control panel, but maybe only some houses do. We are blessed with one. Anyway, the main water line enters the Manabloc panel at the bottom, and then every water line in the house comes out of that panel. It has valves that let you turn the water on/off for anywhere in the house, all from the one panel. Sounds great, but if that thing starts leaking the only way to fix it is to replace the whole panel. Replacement is expensive, but not as expensive as letting it continue to leak. Anyway, Bellevue Plumbing has a technician who is willing and able to do the work. It took a while to get the parts, as these Manabloc units are no longer used in home construction, but he finally got all the parts and did a great job putting in a new replacement unit. No more leaks.
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Homeowner's comments: We have had very good luck over several years with these guys. Excellent quality work, and very honest:

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